The Skruwe Fletse: Part 2

Besides the inconsistencies, Kimlynne was the only victim with Wittemore’s sperm inside of her. DNA tests confirmed the semen was present in her mouth, vagina and anus. The other children had definitely been sodomised, but there was no DNA evidence on the bodies.

Raising Hell

“Riyaahd. Is there something you need to talk to me about?” Riyaahd turned to look at me over his shoulder. His one eye was barely open. I turned my screen so that he could see exactly what I was looking at. Riyaahd turned around fully, eyes wide.


Rob Kelly of everything: 2019

“Mommy, I can’t sleep’. Great. Another 11pm tall-tale that will most likely keep me out of sleep until Scarlett screams at me at 2am. Sidney has been extra ‘sensitive’ lately, and I have been doing my utmost not to mantra him out and leave him outside to air overnight. “Why, what’s wrong?” Sidney stared at … Continue reading Rob Kelly of everything: 2019