About the writer: Shana Fife

Shana Fife is a writer, blogger and female rights enthusiast, who lives in the heart of the Cape Flats. Her work, especially her writing, revolves around the negative experiences she has had and witnessed in abusive relationships, the challenges and joys of being a young, single mother and finding a way to tackle her mental health pitfalls, while upholding the façade of being a fully functional human.

Shana is now married, and has three children; still continuing her work in the empowerment of women of all demographics.

“I want to bring to light the subjects that were swept under the rug when I was growing up, even though they were screaming to be addressed. Mental illness, rape culture, post-natal depression… the worship of men for no apparent reason… I want to get to the root of why women have been looked down on for so long, and then fix mentalities… from the inside out. Essentially, women have to feel empowered within themselves first, then they can fully shine it on others”.

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