[BLOG] She wasn’t there again today. Oh how I wish she’d go away.

One night while living in Pelican heights, I woke up to the sound of a woman screaming.

I sat straight up, and grabbed Jonah, holding him tightly, as I looked around the room through squinted eyes.

At the time, I was pregnant with Rosie. My mom and dad were asleep in the other room.

I sat there, in the dark, and I could see the silhouette of a woman standing at the edge of my bed.

She was screaming.

She wasn’t saying any words, but I could tell from the sheer volume and terror in her voice that she was in agony. I couldn’t really see her face, but I remember thinking ‘my parents will wake up soon. Surely they can’t sleep through all of this noise’.

But for what felt like at least five minutes, no one came.

I was frozen in fear, holding Jonah. He also wasn’t waking up. But his presence helped. I felt safer.

After a while, I felt myself dropped into a hypnotic, trance-like sleep and must have fallen back into my bed.

When I awoke, I was laying in my bed, holding my son. It was daylight, and everything in the house seemed calm.


Jo woke up a few minutes later.

He had that excited smile on his face, he still has that smile whenever he sees me.


“Morning Mama”.

“Hello baby”, I said.


I was about to write the night before off as one of my dreams/episodes, when Jonah laughed and said; “Mama, who was the lady that was screaming last night? It was so loud”.


My parents didn’t hear anything.

Nobody did.



I have always been intrigued by death.

I haven’t always understood it, and I don’t think I ever fully will grasp the concept of being alive one minute, and then only existing in someone’s memory for the rest of eternity the next. My Alpha-complex won’t let me accept the fact that the world could continue spinning without me.

But, unlike most people, I am wholly convinced that the things I see have given me a glimpse of ‘the other side’.

Now, because of a mixed reaction to my previous blog, I will state the following things.

  1. I understand that some people will be skeptical, I am logical enough to have taken that into consideration, long before I sat down to write any of this.
  2. I say everything from the vantage point of a Christian. A Christian who is new in Christ, and is learning day by day about the supernatural things spoken of in the bible.
  3. This is my story. From my perspective. It could well be my Bipolar, or underlying mental illness. All I can share with you is my own experience. If anything, use it for entertainment purposes. I am not a brand. I am a person.

I know that last time I ended on a cliff hanger. I must admit that it is my signature move. It is egotistical to exceed word count.

But before I continue about the apparitions that sometimes plague my children, I would like to talk about certain things that have plagued me. One story informs the other. Maybe.

I actually have no solid understanding of any of it.

The night I met Lyle was late 2010.

Sidney had been born a few months prior, and to be honest, I had no business being out on the road at night. I had a 3 month old baby at home. I was still leaking milk every time I drank alcohol.

I remember that this specific night I was at a party in Mitchell’s Plain. Lyle and I had been chatting on BBM, but hadn’t officially met yet. (We went to the same school, as well as attended the same church, but never spoke directly, until he added me on Facebook weeks prior).

After a drink or two, I was feeling particularly brazen, and messaged him a simple, yet very thirsty: “Hey, what you doing tonight?”

He told me that he was just in the lounge.

He told me he had a half a bottle of something or other.

He told me that we should pick him up.

Lyndall (my designated driver), my friends Lorenzo and Teresa and I packed into my car and took the road to Strandfontein. I felt uneasy, but attributed this to the several beers I had downed.

We made our way up Spine Road, and as we crossed over Vanguard, at the school on my left, I looked right into the face of a woman, in a white dress.

Her head was slightly tilted down. And her arms were hanging by her side.

It was possibly around 11pm, and there were still people walking around on the street, completely oblivious to her presence, it seemed.

I didn’t mention it to anyone in the car.

I had seen this apparition before, many times in my life, but I had learned that other people only react with laughter when I mention that I can see something they can’t.

I looked forward… and heard Lyndall shout: “Oh My GOD… did you guys see that girl?”

They did not.

Lyndall never saw her again. And I have no explanation as to why she did that night. It is nice to have someone believe me, though.

I have no name for this girl/woman/spirit.

But my theory is that whenever something monumental is about to occur, she shows her face.

I think she is a warning. 

And she ages. Like me.

With me.

When I dated Joel, years ago, she started appearing in my dreams, after years. I would see her sitting in my room, or just randomly in the vicinity, in the background- as my dreams played out in my head.

One day, while he was in my lounge, I was taking photos of him with my camera phone.

I took several images, all of which I have lost over the years, but one image never left my mind.

In the image, she was standing behind Joel. Just standing there,  a young woman, staring at the camera.

I showed some people, but I was told ‘it’s just shadows’.

Shortly after, I was admitted to Crescent Clinic (unrelated), so I never said anything about it again.


Fast forward.


When we moved into our home in 2016, I didn’t really enjoy the atmosphere that came along with the property.

I have mentioned my clairvoyant dreams before, in my New Year blog post, but I haven’t really delved into the feelings I sometimes get from people, places and objects…

I am about to.

Our house has been around for years, and I assumed, that like with many old things, it has had its fair share of owners. Owners who may not have been as noble in their pursuit of all Godly things, as my family has made a point of being.

My children share a room.

This is also for several reasons, but mostly because they are very used to being in the same bed. When I lived with my parents, all three of us (My kids and I) shared a room. Now that I am married and have my own home, naturally I sleep in the main bedroom with my spouse. They chose to sleep together, and not in separate bedrooms.


Also, my children are afraid of ghosts.


One night, around 1am, I was in bed, doing some work, Riyaahd was sleeping and the kids were of course asleep in their room.

I must have dozed off, when I felt that familiar pressure on my chest.

My eyes were open, but I was again unable to move.

I didn’t see anything besides my bedroom, and when I awoke, it was 5am – Time to wake up. I promptly checked on the kids, and woke my husband for work.

We dressed the children and as we were eating breakfast, Jonah said something that gave me absolute chills.

Jonah: Mama, who was the lady in the house last night?


Rose: Er boeta, standing by the door?


I tried to keep my face as straight as possible, and said that no one had been in the house, except for me and daddy. And that they were probably dreaming again, because of the nonsense Jonah liked to watch on YouTube (He enjoyed scary cartoons like Coraline).

They went on eating.

It wasn’t really the fact that they had seen someone in their room that bothered me.. not as much as the next revelation:

Jonah: No mama, the lady had a white hand… and long red nails.


As a child, I saw many psychologists for the things I saw and said – things that must have really scared my mother.

Besides being diagnosed with several disorders, the things that stand out now in my memory, are all the times that I would cry to my mommy, saying that I had seen a ghost.

I saw other children who weren’t there, I dreamt of people I had never met and I experienced many nights of sleep paralysis that left me very scared to be alone, even into my teens.

One particular day, when I was around eight years old, I remember being in my room, laying on my bed alone.

This was the first time I saw … her.

I know that my mom was in the kitchen making food, and I could hear her chopping away.

I must have fallen asleep, when I felt someone sit at the edge of my bed.

I don’t remember much, but when I turned to face the other side, I realized that I was actually laying in someone’s arms. It took me a while to be scared though.


….. When I saw the white hand, and long red fingernails.

So when Jonah heard the woman screaming that night in our room in Pelican heights, I knew that I could no longer ignore something that was now not only following me, but something that my child could see too.

That night, and the nights that followed, when everyone was asleep, I again felt the presence of a woman standing at my doorway.

She wasn’t screaming again, there was no sound, just the familiar paralysis that accompanied her, every time I felt her presence.

I spoke to a few people about what to do, and was plagued with rashes and ailments and many things I have touched on in previous blogs.

While all this was happening, time went on, I gave birth to Rose, and in August 2014, while laying on my bed with both my kids, I felt that pressure on my chest again.

As if something else was controlling me, I grabbed my phone, and took tens of pictures of my doorway.

At some point, amidst the terror I fell asleep.

But I wasn’t ready for what the images would reveal the next day.

https://www.facebook.com/plugins/video.php?href=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2Fjustahoewithbabies%2Fvideos%2F1985752644785774%2F&show_text=0&width=273“>(Watch Video)


Now, in my new house, we have had some new things happen.

Besides the lady in the doorway, my children have said some strange things, but I don’t chalk everything up to the supernatural.

I know that besides having overactive imaginations, children sometimes, misinterpret things, or straight out tell lies.

Jonah and Rose spin tall tales about children living in the attic, and kids walking through walls, and many times I will entertain them, and then use it as a great segue into talking about prayer, and calling on God when we feel scared.

Many times, they stop telling the story after a few days. That is when I know I can let it go.

Except, that one night Jonah started telling the story of the uncle with a top hat, whom he sometimes talks to in his dreams.

Now, any uncle visiting your kid at night, even in his imagination is alarming.

Even after the talks of praying to the Lord, and me trying to investigate the event that planted the seeds of the thoughts of this uncle in his head, he was adamant that the uncle, was indeed his friend.

Time passed, as it does.

One weekend the kids were at my mother’s place for the night, and Riyaahd and I were home watching movies until late.

Eventually we picked ourselves off the couch. Riyaahd went to bed, and I went to pee. I switched off the lights and did my final OCD checks of the locks and the doors. I walked down the passage, and my heart sank as the passage grew longer, and my chest tighter.

In the corner of my eye, in what should have been the children’s empty room, a man with a top hat sat at the edge of my children’s bed.

The passage floor had turned to quicksand, but I pretended not to have seen him and casually walked to my bedroom.

I woke Riyaahd, and the tears ran down my face.

“Riyaahd. I need you to wake up. We need to pray”.

Riyaahd’s eyes were wide. His face was white.



To be continued.

3 thoughts on “[BLOG] She wasn’t there again today. Oh how I wish she’d go away.

  1. Rabia Taliep says:

    Hi Shana
    Have you ever inquired about this woman, maybe ask family members if they know of this woman with red nails? Maybe she was a family member who is now deceased and appears when something bad is going to happen or someone or something is interfering with your family. Maybe she comes as a warning to you. I think you should call an Imaam to mantra oit your home. For the sake of your kids and your own sanity. That shit can really F up your kids hey. Think of how it affected and still affects you, you remember it from your childhood, rather try and stop it or get rid of it before it damages your kids forever.
    Lots of Love and duahs for you and your family

    I wish you all the best xxxxx


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